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I feel that because we are French, we connected more!, Delfine announces in the afterglow while cuddling Manon, who happily replies, we have a complicity!. Both girls delight in having sex with a new friend with the same melodious accent, and soft kisses lead to snug tops being discarded. They giggle while rubbing their perky nipples together, then take turns suckling them and removing each other’s panties. After excitedly comparing their matching beauty spots, they indulge in lustful tribbing. I really like our pussies together like that! Delfine cries, as her fuzzy bush and wet vulva melt into her partner’s. Manon’s eyes sparkle behind her glasses, as she invites Delfine to sit on her face, and tenderly laps her long pink labia while they hold hands. Delfine then savours the taste of Manon’s pussy, in a sizzling 69, filmed in intimate closeups as she parts soft blonde curls and swirls her tongue. The girls decide to use their fingers to reach the height of ecstasy. Delfine spreads her long legs to get lovingly stroked, and shudders with blissful release as they make out. Your orgasm was so beautiful, I’m so happy!, Manon cries. Then, she gets on all fours to be penetrated deeply from behind, smiling brightly as she cums with sensual moans. As they share a romantic embrace, Delfine sighs: I feel like I’m on a cotton cloud!.
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