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You ve tried so many times to quit findom. You ve spend so much money on financial domination. Sometimes you don t like to think about how much you ve spent, but then other times you REALLY like to think about it. It really turns you on. I m sure you ve jerked off just thinking about how much you ve sent and spent. You have little bursts of time where you stroke and spend over and over, you cum SO hard during these little binges. But then, you start to think it would be better for you if you stopped. You get this idea in your head that perhaps you can function, sexually, without financial domination. I think that s funny. This fetish isn t something that you CHOOSE to participate in. This financial domination fetish is hard wired into your brain. It s inescapable. If you think you can just quit findom, you re mistaken. This is what turns you on the most. You re here right now because you don t want to quit. You want to go hard. You want to relapse. You want to send and spend. You re already hard at the thought. Give in to your financially submissive urges. Don t try to hold back. RELAPSE for me. You re no match for me, you re no match for your own findom addiction. Stroke your cock if you want to pay me.Youll Also Love:Pay BitchYoure Just An ATM50k Month Brag
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