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View All Categories Custom Clip RequestThe slutty escort-girl Angie is coming to the apartment of a wealthy man. She wants to get married so that she can use a lot of money for her in the future.First of all, one can see her walking through the corridor in very slutty clothes (with a close-up on her shoes).She wears very sexy outfits, very seductive, and practically slutty dressing. One can see that she is not wearing a bra. She wears elegant brown stockings with a garter belt. One can see the top of her stockings. Angie also makes on purpose that the millionaire can also see that she is not wearing panties.She is sitting on a barstool. She is playing with her legs crossing and uncrossing them to show her beautiful legs and feet.Her make-up is very exaggerated: intense lipstick (the color you want), painted toenails, and fingernails (in color which you want but enough dark (red, black ?) to see your toenails through the nylon), original and long earrings. Her hairdressing is as you wish.Our escort girl knows the kind of shoes that loves our millionaire and wears your orange wedges (joined pic)” to be the most seductive. She wears anklet chains.No glasses, please.So our millionaire realizes that she is only a greedy slut, and decides to give her a little lesson. He announces that he can only get married to a woman who likes to drink a lot of alcohol, and he proposes to her to drink a lot of champagne.Angie considers the proposition like a little caprice from the rich man. She doesnt like to drink alcohol, but she is ready for everything to get married to this millionaire.First, she must drink a first full cup of champagne only in a few sips and rapidly.Second step: she must drink another full cup of champagne only in a few seconds and faster than the first time. Third step: she must drink rapidly two cups together at the same time.Fourth step: she must drink two cups faster again at the same time.Standing with her cup in her hand, Angie begins to drink.First step: after a short while her cup is empty. Angie feels a little woozy. She begins stupidly to giggle. Second step: our escort-girl drinks very fast her second cup. After a short time, she is giggling again, but noisier. She tries to stop her giggles sometimes with her hand on her mouth but without success. She seems to have little balance problems.Third step: our escort-girl drinks the two cups rapidly. When the two cups are empty, our escort-girl expresses a big hiccup and bursts out laughing, and she was made entirely boozy by the last two cups she needs to rely on. She tries to stop her hiccups but doesnt have success. She is staggering first in her place. She doesnt stop hiccuping and noisier laughing. Hiccuping and laughing, she claims: “I believe Im completely d!”Then the millionaire takes the opportunity to grope her. He caresses her legs and puts her breast to the air. He caresses her tits. He also lifts their clothes to touch her nyloned legs. He kisses her twice vulgarly. Every time drink, the only reaction of out tipsy Angie is to laugh loud and stupidly.Fourth step: our escort-girl is so boozy that she drinks the right amount of the two last cups but spills some champagne on her stockings! She says stupidly: “Im d! Completely d! Ive never been so d!”.Then he demands her to walk in the room to see her stumbling in her shoes. He gives her a new bottle because the first ist was practically empty. One can see the first opened bottle overturned on the table. She must continue regularly to drink sips of champagne.Angie is now staggering and stumbling in the room, always laughing loud and hiccuping. She needs to rely regularly on the furniture or the wall.By two times, she lost one of her shoes and had difficulties putting it again.After her walking in the room (a long time please), he takes her by the
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