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It s no secret that I am the blackmail queen. I own so many weak mindless little strokers who got horny and sent me their info. I m sure you ve seen all of my blackmail clips in the top selling, and now you re curious. You re wondering would I enjoy that? Would that be too much for me? You want to try it, but you re still proceeding with caution. You aren t ready to dive in with a crazy blackmail task that exposes you entirely. You want to play along, but without that huge risk that looms over you long after you cum. Maybe eventually you will. You want to play along, you don t want to get in over your head. I can respect that. I have men BEGGING me to blackmail them, so I don t need to coerce you into anything you don t want. You re going to follow this very easy blackmail task for you today, and I m only asking for a very small piece of information. But I m the queen of blackmail, and I know how this goes, it always progresses, you always become desperate to send more info. Unless you have enough self control to stop before it s too late? I guess we ll see.Youll Also Love:Blackmail Hitlist 12Blackmail Addicted LoserBuy This If You Love Blackmail
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