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So right now everyone is encouraged to social distance but not much has changed in your life, has it? You ve always been a pathetic loser with basically no social life. You sit at home, jerking for femdom porn day after day. You re home even more now, perhaps you re even working from home. So you can now jerk and worship me for hours and hours on end. You don t need to leave the house for any reason. You don t need to interact with anyone. Just jerk for your femdom porn like a pathetic loser. Pathetic sexless loveless loser. Social distancing has been good for you because you don t have to leave the house at all. You don t have to try to maintain social relationships that mean nothing to you. You can embrace who you really are – a 24/7 hand humping loser. After this is all done, you might not even notice society has gone back to normal because for you, this is normal. This is your life. Lonely. Pathetic. Sexless. Femdom Addicted. Loser.Youll Also Love:Give Up Hope, BetaYou Will Never Lose Your VirginityFemdom Loser Affirmations
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