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Custom Clip RequestStarting Outfit: white blouse, long red skirt and red high heels and hair worn in clips such as 495 I touch myself for you and day 2 of on boss s order Angel and her husband are in the car driving home from a long day of shopping together. Angel sits in the passenger seat whilst her husband drives. She is sat doing up her makeup whilst also talking to her husband about how excited she is to get home and try on the shoes and dresses she d purchased whilst out shopping that day. It has been a long day and Angel is exhausted and tired from a long day of shopping and begins to yawn. She is barely able to keep her eyes open and says to her husband how tired she is. She puts her makeup in her handbag (handbag from day 2 of on boss s order ) and keeps the bag on her lap. It s not long before the journey is too relaxing for Angel and she struggles to keep her eyes open, but she resists and tries to stay awake. However, eventually she cannot keep her eyes open any longer and her head begins to slowly fall to the side towards her shoulder and she slowly falls asleep with her mouth slightly opening. Her husband eventually realises she s fallen asleep, but doesn t wake her. *For the car scene, it would be great if there could be a dashboard camera angle ideally, but I m sure it will be great regardless.A few minutes pass and Angel suddenly wakes up and is surprised she had fallen asleep. She puts her handbag on the floor and says she feels a bit cold and puts on and belts up her coat (coat from day 2 of on boss s order ) to keep her warm (this can be skipped to if angel needs to safely keep her seatbelt on to put it on). She puts her glasses on and gets out a magazine to read, but she is still very tired and there is still a long drive ahead and it is not long before angel slowly drops off to sleep again whilst reading. She tries to stay awake for a while, but she is just too tired and cannot fight it any longer. She slowly starts to nod off and her head eventually falls back resting with her mouth slightly open.Angel and her husband eventually arrive back home, but Angel is still fast asleep, so out of the kindness of his heart her husband decides to carefully get her out of the car, without waking her, and cradle carry her inside. He takes her to the bedroom and carries her around for a while and eventually puts her down on the bed. He remembers how excited she was to try on her new clothes, so he gently takes off her coat, blouse, shoes etc whilst she is still asleep and changes her into the velvet pink short dress and tights she wore in the clip crave you more and the open toe high heels put on in the clip the best gift for your birthday II . He picks her up and carries her briefly some more, but eventually he puts her back down on the bed and puts her head back on a pillow. After a few seconds, she wakes up and asks her husband what happened and he explains how she fell asleep and he didn t want to wake her up, but she slowly realises that her new clothes are on and runs over to look at herself in the mirror in excitement and tells her husband she loves her new dress and heels and thanks him for letting her rest. She grabs his hand and leaves the room with him.THE ENDCUSTOMERS FEEDBACK: Thank you so much for producing such an amazing clip. The attention to detail is truly amazing, including everything I wanted in this clip. I already have a few ideas in mind for some future custom videos and will be sure to be in contact when I have created those scripts.
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